Yves Steinebach und Christoph Knill gewinnen den JEPP Best Paper Prize 2018

Yves Steinebach und Christoph Knill haben für ihren Artikel Social Policy during economic crises: an analysis of cross-national variation in coping strategies from 1980 to 2013, erschienen 2018 im Journal of European Public Policy (JEPP), den Best Paper Prize der Zeitschrift verliehen bekommen. 

Statement der Juroren:

“Using sophisticated yet accessible methodology, Steinebach and Knill unpack social policy responses to economic crises into three categories, ‘muddling through’, ‘social protectionism’, and‘austerity’. They showus howto capturequalitative nuance with quantitative methods. Their findings stress the importance of institutional rules and help explain the paradox commonly found in majoritarian political systems but not in consensual democracies.When faced with economic hardship, left-wing governments in majoritarian systems pursue what are commonly perceived as right-wing social policies, i.e., austerity, while their rightwing counterparts do the opposite. In contrast, electoral constraints necessitate that governments in consensual systems pay the price for deviating from their true policy preferences. Do electoral rules affect blame avoidance, skilled mediation of unpopular reforms, or blurring of ideology? Agree with it, contest it, but more importantly read this article. It is written the way articles ought to be.” –  Nikolaos Zahariadis and Kent Weaver

Das volle Statement der Herausgeber ist unter diesem Link verfügbar: