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Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Prof. Knill appointed as Full Member of the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS)

Prof. Dr. Christoph Knill has been appointed as a full member of the Center for Advanced Studies by the President of the LMU on 1.10.2014. The “Center for Advanced Studies” of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München sees itself as a forum for intensive scientific exchange across established subject boundaries. With its activities, it promotes various forms of cooperative research and interdisciplinary communication within the university; in addition, it supports the integration of guest researchers into the academic life of the LMU. Unlike the traditional “Institutes for Advanced Study”, the CAS is not a separate academic institution from the everyday life of university research. Rather, outstanding personalities who conduct research and teach at the LMU and who are appointed members are to receive further encouragement and support for the implementation of innovative cooperation projects. The members have a comprehensive range of services at their disposal for sounding out and carrying out scientific projects and collaborations.